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Reconstructing a national park walking track
A boardwalk is beneficial to tourists and it protects the environment
Managing water runoff and beautifying parklands
Integrating infrastructure and the natural environment
Creating interactive playgrounds for fun and imagination
Helping to maintain a community sporting facility
A tranquil entry into a public space
A bold look at asset management
It's more than a pool, it's a community asset
Sports centres may be the heart of a community
A runway is a vital asset for a remote community
Designing and building infrastructure to provide the best vantage point
Fluent design with plenty of functionality
A large and valuable tool of the trade

Welcome to Savage Consulting

Savage Consulting Pty Ltd is a Queensland based consultancy that provides professional services across the nation in the fields of landscape architecture, open space planning and design, protected areas management, strategic asset management and project management. It was established in September 2010 by Peter Savage, an experienced landscape architect, planner and manager.

Savage Consulting provides services in three broad areas of expertise. Firstly we have a passion for public open space, from the smallest suburban pocket park, to the largest urban destination park, walking tracks, recreation trails and protected areas such as national parks. From master planning an open space network through to detailed design, Savage Consulting will provide creative outcomes, practical to maintain over the long term and valued by the community.

Our second area of expertise is Strategic Asset Management. While many councils and large organisations now have an asset management plan, the stark reality is that many plans are not being implemented and the return on the investment is not being realised. Savage Consulting can work with you and your staff to unleash the potential contained in your asset management plan.

Our final area of expertise is project management. We can assist you in writing more effective grant applications, planning the procurement process and undertake the day to day oversight of your project to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome.


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